Looking Ahead at 2023!

Looking Ahead at 2023!

As so many of us do at this time of the year, we reflect on the year we left behind and what went well and what went not so well, and what we might be able to do going forward into the new year.

I love what I do now, with my own small business, seeking out unusual and unique pieces for my discerning clients, who love that I am able to travel in Europe to places they love and enjoy vacationing in, and finding those “one of a kind finds” in accessories and fashion, and offering them at reasonable prices for something they can be sure that no one else will be wearing or will have in their closets ! Europe is small and easy to travel around, both by train and car, which gives me a great opportunity to buy unusual pieces and load up the trunk and drive home to photograph and place on my website, ready for sale ! One of the many benefits of my now living and working in Italy now that my corporate days are behind me!

Having spent all of my working career in the USA and Canada, but being born in Europe has given me a great opportunity to use my experience in the corporate world, and my love of travel and fashion to create Couture Cashmere and to continue to search for this hard to find, one of a kind pieces that so many of you enjoy.

I have made some great contacts with designers for both fashion, accessories, handbags and jewelry, and am fortunate enough to be able to buy from them a greatly discounted prices from their regular retail, offering to you a special opportunity to own something no one else will have. I am currently in Nice, France about to meet my two French manufacturers, one here in Nice Old Town, and the other in beautiful Aix in Provence - gorgeous cashmere shawls and wraps, printed and plain, and beautiful floaty silk pieces all designed by hand and made here in France.

Next stop back home to Italy and to our favourite handbag/purse designer in the gorgeous old walled town of Lucca, where she has based her bespoke business with a career of designing handbags for one of the worlds leading designer houses for most of her life, before branching out and opening her own atelier, and working with the best workmen in leather found mostly still in Florence. Her attention to detail is exquisite, and the choices of leathers are simply of the highest quality and workmanship is all done by hand, cut, dyed, stitched and created. She makes only one piece and won’t repeat a second no matter how many times I try, but that means for you, the customer, you will have a fabulous hand made, artistic and creative piece at a fraction of the price it would cost at retail.

I am looking forward to also adding a new jewelry line, again custom made by hand in Italy of high quality silver and gemstones….guaranteed never to tarnish - so be sure to watch this space.

In the meantime, Happy New Year and I hope your goals and plans and dreams are all in place for a successful and fulfilling 2023 !

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