About us

Couture Cashmere was founded by Kathy and Sandra who have been involved in the beauty and fragrance industry for over 30 years, working with the top retailers in the UK, U.S. and Canada. 

As the beauty and fashion industry are intertwined and often influence one another, Kathy and Sandra have worked in tandem at many events and have participated in beauty and fashion events in London, New York and Canada, along with trade shows and regional shows.

Their love of beauty and knowledge of how cosmetics can enhance and adorn a woman’s look have translated naturally to their personal love of fashion, especially accessory pieces. Key accessories can achieve a completely fresh, stylish mood that is chic, modern and timeless.

As trends set the tone for what is to come in fashion, accessories are the perfect investment to stay abreast of the season’s fashion landscape.

Most modern women want to stay on trend without investing in a completely new wardrobe. Adding a piece of jewellery, a handbag or a shawl, from the collections on the fashion runways, can be the statement that creates a look.

The accessory we most love is the shawl. We have always loved working with scarves, wraps and shawls, as they are the most versatile and functional of accessories.

By adding a scarf or shawl to your basic day look, you can compliment a casual daytime wardrobe or enhance an extravagant evening design. You can create a new dramatic effect that will take you from the office to dinner, the theatre, a concert or even the dance floor of your favourite nightclub.

Scarves bring warmth and colour to a person’s face, lightening up their whole appearance and creating a softer and more flattering look.
Like a fragrance, a shawl can wrap you in a mood that is playful, flirty, or sexy, and perfectly finish a woman’s wardrobe.

As European women know, a scarf is an essential element to add to a wardrobe.
A sophisticated embellishment that combines comfort with elegance, it can inspire a new look or update a classic one each time you wear it, simply by tying or draping it from neck to shoulder.

Their new couture, cashmere collection of whimsical patterns, vibrant colours, exceptional fabrics and decorated borders provide pleasure, warmth and a sense of individual style to each wearer.

Kathy and Sandra hope the wearer will enjoy their purchase and appreciate the workmanship, creativity and simplicity of each charming design.